PBX: (+572) 664 7911, Cali-Col.

Logistic Services

CIAMSA II offers a new logistics alternative that integrates all its import and/or export operations through the use of its resources, infrastructure and experience, in order to optimize time and improve logistics costs.

It has a highly qualified team with extensive experience in logistics management and cargo handling, committed to providing logistics solutions to adjust the supply chain according to its needs.

It offers different comprehensive logistics options for import and export processes.

  1. View image  Domestic cargo storage

  2. View image  Containers Unpacking and Packaging

  3. View image  Cross Docking Platform

  4. View image  Automated Grain and Cereal Sack Packing Service

  5. View image  Classification of goods and order preparation


Our warehouse has a total of 24,000 square meters, allowing for storage of various types of goods.

The total area is distributed in:


  • General Cargo Warehouse

  • Bulk Cargo Warehouse

  • Shed

  • Two Yards for containers

planta-distribucion-fisica-ciamsa-ii PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION PLANT CIAMSA II

Mobilization of loose cargo:


  • Containers (general cargo)

  • Solid Bulks

  • Loose cargo (steel and hardware products)

We own all the equipment necessary to provide an efficient and timely service.

We offer:


  • 2 scales for weighing vehicles

  • 8 RD vehicles for container transportation

  • 14 towing terminal vehicles for containers

  • 14 fork lift trucks capacity 3 MT

  • 6 bulk carriers

  • 5 Volvo dockers

  • 1 Reach Stacker



Ciamsa has an extensive infrastructure that makes Colombia a highly a competitive supplier of sugar.

These are our sites of operation:

  • Administrative Office in Cali

  • Administrative Office within the Buenaventura Maritime Terminal

  • Warehouses with modern infrastructure within the Buenaventura Maritime Terminal

  • Warehouse and customs deposit at a strategic point in the city of Buenaventura

  • Warehouses in Palmira and Buga