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Social Responsibility

Ciamsa, committed to making this world a better place.

Ciamsa actively involved in these activities for growth and development of its people and the surrounding community.

Social responsibility is the continuing commitment of a company to behave ethically and to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of its employees, families and community.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Ciamsa has developed a set of voluntary social initiatives, which aim to provide aid to the community to facilitate its growth and welfare.

Among the various projects within its program in the region are:


The Foundation for the Integral Development of the Disabled of the Pacific Coast


The Foundation for the Integral Development of the Disabled of the Pacific Coast aims to improve the living conditions of this population, and Ciamsa has been established as the only entity that provides them with a monthly allowance for their support. This aid that has been given for several years, with the delivery of Kraft paper that was left over after use in the operations of the company to be sold as paper since October 2010, has delivered monthly allowance sustenance.

“Only the private company supports us, Ciamsa is the largest and greatest support we have." Leandro Angulo, president of the foundation


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Hogar de Jesús Adolescente


At the request of Monsignor Heriberto Correa, Bishop of Buenaventura, the Salesian Community agreed to continue giving life to “Hogar de Jesús Adolescente” (Jesus Teen Home) founded in 1960 by Father Jorge Luis German for homeless teens.

For over 10 years, Ciamsa has sponsored 20 children in this institution.

“I take this opportunity to reiterate my sincere thanks for the noble aid Ciamsa has given our institution and the children and youth this has benefited.”, PRIEST JAIRO ESCOBAR MORENO, Home Director.



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Hogar de la niña Juan Pablo I


It is a non-profit institution, run by the Sisters Little Apostles of Redemption. It’s located in Buenaventura since 1977, located on Avenida Simon Bolivar Km 9 (Neighborhood “Doña Ceci”). It has provided protection, education and integral formation to ninety girls who come from dysfunctional, marginalized, low-income families, from mothers and/or fathers head of household; abandoned, orphaned, abused, high psycho-emotional and/or social risk girls. Of these 90 girls, 20 of them are sponsored by a monthly donation that Ciamsa gives them since several years ago.

“The Lord blesses your work, trust in our prayers”. Sister Gloria Inés Quiroz S., Home Director.

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Ciamsa also supports the children of employees as learners from SENA. Such is the example of Victor Hugo Angulo, who works as an electrician and who started as a trainee in SENA doing electrical work, Victor is the son of Leopoldo Angulo, who worked for Ciamsa for over 20 years and was retired in December 2010.

“I always wanted to work in Ciamsa and thanks to this motivation, I studied my technology, I knew that to gain this I had to surpass myself and worry about studying until Ciamsa gave me the opportunity to start as a trainee in SENA. This experience besides giving me own satisfaction, has connected me with my father, I have the privilege of sharing many more experiences with him.”  Victor Hugo Angulo.


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Throughout the year Operation Smile Foundation carries out visits to different cities to practice reconstructive plastic surgery on local people with malformations especially cleft lip and palate. Physicians, paramedics and common people participate as volunteers in these brigades as well as public and private entities that move to the place and spend three days screening and operating children.

Ciamsa has joined this noble cause helping to build peace smiles in Bonaverence population.

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Buenaventura Regional Hospital


Buenaventura Regional Hospital is located in the municipality island area. It provides medium complexity health services for the Pacific Ocean region of Valle del Cauca, whose target population is estimated at 341,951 inhabitants. In addition, it provides services for population of Chocó, Cauca and Nariño. Its building was opened in December 1978, with 15,750 m2 of constructed area, over four floors, including the basement.

In 2006 Ciamsa made a great contribution adapting and equipping the hospital with the central sterilization area.



Integral Action against Anti-personnel Mines


Ciamsa has also been involved in the Presidential Program for Integral Action against Anti-personnel Mines coordinated by the Presidency of the Republic.

This program’s objective and purpose is to provide Integral Action Against Anti-personnel Mines (AICMA) in Colombia with a strategic orientation that favors the articulation of joint efforts undertaken by AICMA community actors and that allows the generation of relevant, timely and sustainable results. The AICMA community in Colombia operates under a common framework for action and its actions reduce effectively the risks associated with APL and UXO at levels that allow Colombians to live without the restrictions imposed by the contamination of these artifacts and survivors to enjoy full restoration their Fundamental Rights.

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